When I was 13, the age of 30 was GOALS! I was never in a rush to get there, but the vision of what life would be kept me excited about getting older. Thirty meant youth, success and all the freedom in the world. Because as kids, we dreamt without definition, we hoped without fear and we persevered without tribulations.

Dreaming gives us the ability to step outside of our current space and envision more, envision different, envision better. And the younger we are, the more vivid and limitless are our dreams.

They’re beautiful. They’re Big. They’re BOLD.

They often lack specificity and are defined for someone we don’t yet know.

As my uncle would say, “your frame of reference is simply too narrow.” In fact because of this, others and their experiences, in part, define our dreams.

Well, their experiences as we see them.

When we envision success, we see the arrival. We envision people of perseverance without recognizing the very obstacles they have had to overcome. Since we didn’t witness the journey, we often forget there was one – leaving us ill prepared as we begin our own.

We know speed bumps, road closures and traffic delays exist. Yet, we typically don’t factor those into our travel time. And there’s nothing like getting stuck in traffic to bring out the worst in people!

We grow weary and become insatiable. There’s an unquenchable thirst that we never anticipated.

Thirst for stability. Thirst for career advancement. Thirst for family. Thirst for peace. Thirst for healing. Thirst for satisfaction.

Thirst for something for which we have always hoped but still cannot fully define.

It catches us off guard because we HAVE had successes. We HAVE triumphed at times, but it still feels like there is something missing. It feels like there is something more. It feels like it should have happened “by now,” but here we are still thirsty, still wanting more, still rediscovering our desires and ourselves.

It is tempting to enter into a space of acceptance, but we MUST keep going. We must realize that we are closer to quenching our thirst than we have ever been. The more parched we become, the more acutely we can articulate our needs and wants.

Thirty is not our destination. God willing, it’s just an appropriately timed and much needed pit stop. It’s the perfect time to check our route, to make adjustments, to refuel and refocus. (And to throw out some trash!)

To be 30 and thirsty is to dream with definitions, to hope without surrendering to our fears and to continue persevering because our past (and current) tribulations have taught us that there’s a difference between slowing down and stopping!

To be 30 and thirsty is to be grateful that we’re still dreaming, that we’re still hoping…that we’re still living.