Have you ever heard a song, a line, a verse or quote that instantaneously strikes you and challenges you? A cadence so strong that it stops you in its tracks? An alliteration that provides instant clarity? “Heroes” by Amanda Cook did that for me.

My introduction to this song was perfect timing. (God’s orchestration still amazes me.) I was trying to find my hope, my smile and laughter. I was waiting for….some THING. Some magical thing that would be an instant switch and this yearning for some THING was weighing me down.

*Cues music.*

This tranquil tune that clearly has a message fills the room. (I’m not really sure I’m open to receiving any messages) and then, BOOM:

“You taught my feet to dance upon disappointment…”

Huh? Who does that? I must have missed that Sunday lesson, because my feet certainly do NOT do that. Is this really possible? Hmm…

*Repeats track.*

“Let the heroes rest, let the striving cease…”

Well self, maybe your problem is that YOU, feeble human, are trying to fix THE problem. Are you your biggest obstacle? Are your efforts counterproductive and counterintuitive? Why do you yearn to be in control? Hmm…

*Repeats track.*

“…I will trust here in the mystery…”

Why do we claim to trust and believe in a higher power – yet, we are stifled with anxiousness? Yet, we are crippled by fear? And what’s ironic is that this fear and anxiety often cause us to over-act. I know, I know – “faith without works is dead.” But, what does works really mean?

Yes, sometimes works means getting up and physically doing something. Works also means meditation and prayer. It takes work to cultivate a relationship with God. It takes work to learn to sit in silence and hear God. It takes work to be obedient. And THIS work cultivates faith.

It is our faith that grounds our hope.

“For we were saved in this hope, but hope that is seen is not hope; for why does one still hope for what he sees? But if we hope for what we do not see, we eagerly wait for it with perseverance.”     Romans 8:24-25, NKJV

Do you hope for things you already have? I sure do not. I have never thought, “an ice cream cone would be really good right now,” while eating an ice cream cone.

My hopes are connected to my dreams. My dreams are things I’m “in waiting” for and there is a sense of eagerness. There’s excitement. There’s joy.

I may have feelings of doubt, fear and anxiousness at times, but those feelings are always secondary and fleeting. Because, I know the reward will be amazing.

When I am waiting in line at a new restaurant or to buy a new product, I somehow manage to find some additional patience because I know it will be worth the wait. Don’t God’s promises deserve the same consideration?

We know that all things work together for our good. We know the promises that have been made to us. We know that God is faithful. My disappointments should bring about hope. (I’m sure it’s a much needed plot twist!) And with that, there should come eagerness, patience and perseverance.

So I stand with Amanda and say, “DANCE!” I, honestly, cannot think of a better way to pass the time.

“Hallelujah! Hallelujah! You are making all things new….AWAKE MY SOUL…”