Hey you,

First time mom!

I’m talking to you, the one in the thick of it and ready to pull your hair out. I’m talking to you, the one trying to live up to this high (and probably unrealistic) standard you’ve set for yourself. Yes, YOU! I need to tell you something.

You don’t have to be THAT person. It IS okay to change. In fact, it’s a MUST!

See, this is a new role for you. This is a job unlike any other. Nothing could have prepared you for this. You have NEVER been this person.

Would you claim to know everything about a stranger, someone you just met? Someone you’ve known for a few weeks or a few months? Probably not.

People are complex. Life happens and people change. I know you just knew that you were going to be x, y, and z as a mom, but it turns out you’re actually a, b and c mom. Cool!

I get it. You had this whole thing playing out differently. Well, consider this your first lesson in parenthood…YOU MUST ADAPT!

You WILL find a groove with your little one. You will eventually adjust. You might even fall in love with your new rhythm.

Then one sweet, glorious day, the beat will change. And although you will likely moan and groan…again, you will adapt.

You know your little one is constantly changing. You expect it. You look forward to it. It shows growth and that’s exciting. Don’t you want that for yourself?

Give yourself the grace and space to do so! You are doing the best you can. And your best is more than good enough.

Favor and grace, mom. YOU GOT THIS!