From conception to birth and beyond, motherhood brings about many emotions. (Seriously, do your hormones ever go back to “normal?”) There’s even a discovery of new emotions! (Who knew?!?!?!?!) And one of the biggest, fiercest and often most prevalent…drumroll please – da da dahhhh….MOM GUILT! Let’s chat!

Sleeping Baby

It all started with newborn life. You know sleep, eat, sleep, eat, sleep, eat. There was a nice, little dance. It was HARD and parental sleep was NON-EXISTENT. All the days ran together, but time FLEW by in hindsight. There was a rhythm.

Then, infant life showed its glorious face providing longer, more active awake hours. But those hours were easily filled with food and play. The nice, calm play that includes learning to roll over, crawl, pull themselves up, etc. And although there are fewer sleep periods, this new activity leads to longer stretches of sleep. Again, it’s an amazing little mom-kid dance.

But then…

Playing Infant

…the number of naps dwindle. The need for significant stimulation and energy depletion becomes LIFE for a toddler. The awake hours become legit HOURSSSS. So, now what?! What the heck do we do ALL day?

Trying to keep a toddler scheduled, entertained and engaged all day to his standards might be the most difficult task I have ever had. And now that he has realized he has an opinion, which he can communicate via tantrums, and the word “no,” I often find myself silently praying, “Jesus take the wheel.”

I really thought we were going to make it to the age of two without television. (You know, when I was pregnant and the perfect mom.) Then one day, I discovered the magic that is Paw Patrol and Dave & Ava. They provide the quietest and fastest 20 minutes of the day. Magic in it’s own right – but that, truthfully, brings about more guilt.

It’s so hard to gauge how much, how hard and how realistic it is to “push” a toddler. Is that even possible? Let’s be real, he’ll just get up and walk away if he doesn’t want to read a book or count or really do anything! And, I get that.

Toddlers are great helpers. The chores may take longer, but they are so engaged and excited about the activity of what’s going on around them. But ya’ll, I can be lazy at times. I don’t want to do chores all day, EVERY single day!

And, don’t get me wrong; playing with him is fun. I love how excited he gets when he learns new things or when I sing his favorite songs. It really is one of the coolest experiences as a parent…to see pure joy through the eyes of your child. However, I’m not sure how many more twists I can put on “The Wheels on the Bus” and “Ring Around the Rosy.” I’m low-key tired of my own voice.

“They” say boredom isn’t the worst thing in the world and that it may even be a good thing. “They” say it promotes a healthy imagination. I just wish it also eliminated the guilt.

Do you/have you dealt with this kind of mommy guilt? Is this more prevalent among first time moms? How do you entertain your kids? Let me know in the comments down below!

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