From conception to birth and beyond, motherhood brings about many emotions. (Seriously, do your hormones ever go back to “normal?”) There’s even a discovery of new emotions! (Who knew?!?!?!?!) And one of the biggest, fiercest and often most prevalent…drumroll please – da da dahhhh….MOM GUILT! Let’s chat!

Being a mom was always a dream of mine. And like all good dreams, it was perfect. The right amount of reality mixed with fairytale. I was prepared, well as prepared as one with no experience with kids can be, for the sleepless nights, poopy diapers and the new challenge of balancing it all.

Moms are superheroes. So I naturally assumed that once you give birth, you not only are bestowed with the cape…but you instinctively know how to fly! There have been some successful voyages. There have also been several crash landings and failures to take off. And y’all learning to fly is EXHAUSTING and this pilot needs a break!

I need a break from saying no.

I need a break from saying yes.

I need a break from meal prep.

I need a break from someone else’s poop and pee.

I need a break from picking up toys.

I need a break from laundry.

I need a break from nursery rhymes and adolescent conversations.

I need a break from spontaneous, loud noises.

I need a break from being a human jungle gym.

I need a break from thinking about anyone other than myself.

I need a break from being the home manager.

I need a break from chaos.

I need a break from trying to pretend like I don’t need a break!

It’s not like we do anything all day.

It’s truly a 24-hours a day, 7 days a week job for which no one and nothing can prepare you. And if we’re being real, I think this is one thing all of us mommies can agree on regardless of the adjective that precedes the mom part of our title. We may not need breaks from the same things, but we all need a break!

I’m pretty sure my kid needs a break too. I know he adores his dad and that’s likely the number one reason he gets so excited when dad walks through the door…BUT I would also bet that part of his excitement is because he’s reached his limit of “mama is telling me what to do” for the day! But you know what, my kid needing a break from me doesn’t bother me in the least bit.

Who are these super-humans who don’t need breaks? And why is it that when we need breaks, ask for breaks and actually take breaks, people make us feel guilty about it? There seems to be a very short list of what is deemed acceptable for needing, heck deserving, a break. Who knew there was a break police!

But look, I’m tired. I need a break. I also just want one. UNAPOLOGETICALLY. And that’s okay.