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Thirty is the new 20! It’s a sentiment that’s become a catchphrase and for good reason. My 30 is very different than my mom’s 30. On average, we are more educated, we are more career driven, we are getting married as well as having kids later, if at all, and we are more likely to be unapologetically us. In many ways, we are more free spirited. Is the newfound freeness why people say 30 is the new 20? As someone who looked forward to 30, the thought of getting a second go-round of my 20s was not on the...

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Saying “No” to No Spend Challenges

No spend challenges are very popular these days. And if you love them, great! If a no spend challenge affords you a healthy relationship with money that is an awesome thing. I want and AM encouraging people to have a HEALTHY relationship with money. A no spend challenge just is not the way to do that for me. My relationship with money is similar to my relationship with food. I do not believe in depriving myself. In fact, it is reverse psychology at its finest. The thought that I can’t buy anything makes me want to buy all the...

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Planning My Goals: Goal Setting Action Plan for Accountability & Results

How many times have you set a goal, but failed to take action? Failed to hold yourself accountable? Failed to see results? Did you also fail to create an action plan? Teachers create lesson plans. Coaches create game plans. Doctors create treatment plans. Intentional goal setters create action plans. It would be nice if we could simply ‘set it and forget it’ when it comes to goals, but that’s just not how it works. Today I want to share with you how I am holding myself accountable to take action and get results with this year’s set of goals....

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Alternatives to New Year’s Resolutions

I hate New Year’s Resolutions. It’s where transformational thoughts go to die. It’s the precipice of hopes and dreams. It’s the setup for the setback. Resolutions lack accountability. They often don’t come with an action plan. And they don’t give us something to go back to when things go awry and the year goes amuck. Resolutions are intended to be solutions. So when they don’t work or guide us, we are quick to throw them away. Here are some ways to succeed through all (well most, because we’re human) 365 days of the year. #1: Create a creed. What...

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30 & Thirsty

When I was 13, the age of 30 was GOALS! I was never in a rush to get there, but the vision of what life would be kept me excited about getting older. Thirty meant youth, success and all the freedom in the world. Because as kids, we dreamt without definition, we hoped without fear and we persevered without tribulations. Dreaming gives us the ability to step outside of our current space and envision more, envision different, envision better. And the younger we are, the more vivid and limitless are our dreams. They’re beautiful. They’re Big. They’re BOLD. They...

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